This wall hanging came after the Canada project when I was invited out to Adelaide, Australia with Terrance Clark to hold my second stamp making workshop. I designed this piece with Australia and the aboriginals in mind, the indigenous people have a deeper connection to the land and where we have come from than most and I wanted to illustrate this.

Centre of the disk, missing from this photo, is a stainless steel dish, one side polished for the moon and the other gilded for the sun. You then have a ring, centre out, for the sky, the land and the sea. Each ring has animals or plants moving in the opposite direction to the southern hemisphere to symbolize the need to go back the where we came from and start a fresh. Australia has the oldest and most mineral rich land on are planet yet it is being exploited and stripped bare quicker than can be stopped. Surly we should learn from what we have done to move forwards and not repeat that of the past. What we have left is precious and gread isn't going to give us anything as rich as .......... to hold on to in the long run.

There where 21 people involved, mainly ammeters with a few professionals, in the making of this piece forging outside in 39 degree heat, so, needless to say it had its changes. Explaining the proses of stamp making and what we where working towards was hard at times and I know some got frustrated with me but by the second day it clicked and we worked together to achieve and we where all so happy with the out come.

'Change direction and go back to your roots.'

I would like to give a special thank you to Sandra Dunn, a wonderful blacksmith out in Canada that organised this great event.  Thank you Sandra !!

A Collaborative Project

'A Murmurating shoal' 

‚ÄčAn Invitation to forge

I had the amazing opportunity to lead a stamp making class at Haliburton Art Collage in Canada in May of 2016. I collaborated with Terrence Clark to design an sculptural wall hanging that could be made in two days by a mixture of professional, semi-professional and amateur blacksmiths. Everybody had their own 4mm thick plate to work on that made up part of the bigger picture.  Each person made a fish stamp of varying complexity to pattern their plate. The only rules were, the stamp had to be fish, however abstract, and they all needed to swim in the right direction. There were also 48 little tabs and 8 hooped clips to make so Terrence instructed a few willing hands to make them along with the construction of the top rail.

It felt very moving seeing the whole piece together because it was everything I had hoped it would be. No two fish were alike, the same goes in nature, and also, in the creative mind. 
Everyone had a great time and loved every minute of it. I left felling excited on the possibilities of what else could be achieved creating hanging tapestries of steel.

'An Invitation to forge' is something that I hold for small parties of up to 6. It's a great team building exercise for all and every one has gone away feeling proud of what they have achieved. Everybody can have a chance to get it hot and hit it hard. There is nothing quite like a 5 ton power hammer under your control to get the blood pumping. These little boxes look dainty but the process is anything but! 

You will find the forge in the heart of the Surrey countryside, surrounded by fields and woodland. Upon finishing your morning in the forge you can sit down to a hearty lunch of homemade soup and then take a stroll with the dogs through the woods. 

If you are interesting in knowing more then feel free to get in touch POA

Many Thanks