What drives Rebecca's creativaty

"To bring ones consciousness and one's self together at a single point of interaction and stimulate an emotional response where possible is my goal"


Here is a peek behind the scenes of me at work in the forge

"For me the design process is a collaborative exchange between a client and myself with the brief as a guided framework. A piece of work evolves and can turn into the unexpected, because of this I don’t seem to have a specific design style but more of an artistic creativity that’s fed from a social interaction.

There are several ways I work depending on what brief is set. If it is for a functional piece I like to let the form be influenced by the function then push it until its balanced or uncomfortable which ever feels right for that particular job, I find that gut instincts are important throughout.  When making something functional that you interact with, a latch for instants. I like to force a level of interaction outside the box of how you would normally, in doing so my hope is to create a heightened level of awareness, within that moment you are giving your undivided attention to what you are doing and you are in the present and not in your head. We spend too much time lost in our own thoughts unaware of are surroundings. How often do you forget whether or not you have locked your car. I want your interaction to be a memorable moment in time.

For more sculptural pieces where the form is to take centre stage I push towards creating work that triggers an emotional response through touch, sound and visual stimulation. Painting using textures and contrasting colours is something I get really excited about."